April 15, 2019

What is Secondary Infertility?



This past Wednesday, social media platforms were brimming with photos of siblings, marking National Siblings Day! Many of you likely reminisced about your brothers and sisters, cherishing fond memories. However, for some, the day serves as a reminder that not everyone finds the journey to parenthood, let alone securing a sibling for their child, easy.

Infertility isn't exclusive to couples embarking on their initial journey to start a family. Some continue to grapple with infertility even after welcoming a child into their home. These individuals ardently desire to provide their child with a sibling, only to discover it's more challenging than anticipated – a phenomenon known as secondary infertility.

The diagnosis of secondary infertility can be shocking for many couples, accompanied by a range of emotions such as grief, guilt, shame, and even depression. However, through the avenue of embryo adoption, couples can find hope in successfully expanding their family.

Celebrating National Siblings Day takes on diverse forms for each family, as siblings transcend mere blood and DNA. There is no prescribed method for growing a family – a glance at social media reveals countless unique ways families across the country celebrate their siblings. For those seeking information on alternative paths to expanding their family, exploring Snowflakes can offer valuable insights.

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