March 22, 2012

Snowflakes® Announces 299th and 300th Snowflake Babies Born

March 20, 2012

The Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program, a division of Nightlight® Christian Adoptions offers another adoption.

Elijah and Benjamin’s parents, the Jones family, adopted the two boys as embryos. They received only two embryos (Elijah and Benjamin) from the donor family. Both embryos survived the thawing process. Both embryos were transferred into their mother’s womb where they defied the odds and both of them began to develop until their birthday on February 29th. “We are overjoyed, said Mr. Jones. The whole journey through embryo adoption has been a positive experience for us. We adopted Elijah and Benjamin knowing that odds were not in their favor, but we believed that the Lord had a plan for them. And here they are!”n choice for parents wishing to add children to their families. Established in 1997 as the first embryo adoption program in the world, the Snowflakes Program seeks to help families who have remaining embryos from in vitro fertilization place them with another family. The adopting family then experiences the joy of pregnancy and gives birth to their adopted child.

With over 50 years of adoption experience, Nightlight has applied the best practices of adoption to serve the best interests of the child, recipient and donor families. The term ‘snowflake baby’ has become the vernacular for children born as a result of embryo adoption. More than 3,000 babies have been born through the process of embryo donation and adoption in programs throughout the country.

Ron Stoddart, Executive Director, Nightlight exclaims, “These births help demonstrate the success of the Snowflakes program. They are living proof that this unique form of family building is a viable option for families interested in adoption. It also is an indication that medical science predictions about the ‘quality’ of embryos are not always accurate.” Births of children through embryo adoption grew by 27% from 2010 to 2011. Nightlight works diligently through both its Snowflakes and Embryo Adoption Awareness Center divisions to raise awareness about embryo donation and adoption. There are currently more than 600,000 embryos in frozen storage in the United States.

Nightlight provides adoption services as a permanent response for children without parents through child advocacy, parent education and lifelong support… because every child deserves a loving family. Serving children and families since 1959, Nightlight provides domestic, international and embryo adoption services. It recently launched the Orphan Galaxy program to enable people to participate in a variety of orphan care programs around the world.

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