July 7, 2010

Embryo Donation, Embryo Adoption: Do they contribute to the problem?

Embryos - potential childrenNightlight Christian Adoptions has been a pioneer in the field of embryo donation and adoption through its Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program. Through this program, couples who have undergone IVF and have remaining embryos can chose embryo donation, whereby the frozen embryos are made available for adoption by other couples. Clearly, this program relies on the existence of frozen embryos "left over" from IVF procedures. So does that mean that Nightlight is actually in favor of creating excess embryos in IVF? This question is a addressed in our information booklet (PDF), and the answer is reproduced here:

Does Nightlight encourage the creation and freezing of embryos?

No, we are trying to provide a loving option to the families of the 500,000 (estimated) embryos frozen in clinics throughout the United States. As people (and clinics) have become more aware of all their available options in regards to the disposition of their embryos following in-vitro fertilization and become more attentive to the possibility of having remaining embryos, we have noticed an increased effort to limit the number of embryos that are created and to have plans in place for the disposition of their embryos following IVF. We would really prefer to work ourselves out of a job!

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  1. Before trying to stop research studies on embryo stem cells, think about all the handicapped people like me who will probably have the chance to walk again, feel again, have a normal life without spending lots of money just to survive. Stop thinking about your [...] selves and your non exhisting god. [...] [Comment edited by administrator for content.]

    1. It's a false sense of security many patenrs will think a clean test will mean they won't have a baby with genetic defects, but without testing for mutations, there's only a certain group of diseases they can test for those caused by rearrangements, deletions, and insertions. This may very well be great for those! But it needs to be made clear that there are still many more this test doesn't find. I foresee many confused and angry patenrs with children with autism, sickle cell, thalessemia, and so forth.

  2. Wow, I'm so behind my blog rnaideg that I didn't even realize you were doing an IVF cycle. Oops.Three expanding blastocysts to freeze is great! Here's hoping one of them becomes your second child because your fresh transfer worked. 🙂

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