Coming soon: the 2011 Colorado Summer Tour from…

Group at Lilly LakeAs you probably already know, Nightlight Christian Adoptions has been bringing tour groups from orphanages in Russia nearly every summer since 1995.

These Summer Tour trips have been a special opportunity for kids to experience life in a U.S. family, perform traditional songs/dances in dozens of churches and venues and experience some of the most exciting activities Southern California has to offer.

Last year, Nightlight’s Tour program expanded even further, with the first Tour group coming to the state of Colorado. A group of  nine kids from St. Petersburg, Russia (see photo to right) enjoyed a full week in northern Colorado, performing at three local churches and enjoying local activities including hiking, fishing and horseback riding.

Local orphan ministry group Every Child Has a Name partnered with Nightlight in making this Tour visit an overwhelming success.

In 2011, we have some good news and some bad news regarding the Colorado Summer Tour. Continue reading