special needs adoptionEducation and Advocacy for Special Needs Adoption

Recognizing the great need to place more children with special needs for adoption, in 2009 Nightlight began “Children in His Image,” a program with the following goals:

  • Inform the public about the plight of orphans with special physical, mental and emotional needs.
  • Share the availability of orphans with special needs with prospective families.
  • Educate families how to best serve these children.
  • Highlight adoption programs that place children with special needs.

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Adoption Programs

The following Nightlight programs have many special needs children available for adoption:

China Adoption Program
Orphans with a variety of special needs are waiting in Chinese orphanages for adoption ā€” some with very minor special needs. While China’s regular adoption program can now take in excess of 8 years from start to finish, the wait for a child with special needs is between 6 and 15 months.

Ukraine Adoption Program
A majority of children available for adoption from Ukraine are older or have special needs.

Hong Kong Adoption Program

Latvia Adoption Program

Bulgaria Adoption Program