Protected: Waiting Children: a Forever Family – Could it be you?

Every child has a name – but not every child has a family.  You can change that. Start by viewing profiles of our waiting children.

The first and most important step is to have a completed home study and continually seek to educate yourself regarding adoption.  The education you receive will help prepare you for your adoption journey and help you to be matched with the child you are best suited to parent.  You are unique and bring special gifts, abilities and passions to your family.  Our goal is to help you apply those gifts and abilities to parenting a child who is waiting for their forever family.

The children shown below are but a few of the millions of children waiting.  This is where your adoption journey begins … or perhaps where it ends.  Contact us if you have questions or a particular interest in any of the children shown.  Remember, a child cannot be matched with a family until you have completed a home study and are eligible to adopt.  Most waiting children adoptions can be completed within a year of you making the decision to adopt.  Why be a waiting parent, when there are so many waiting children?  Keep in mind that waiting children are typically over 6 years old, or if they are younger may have minor or correctable special needs.  The most common minor special need is cleft palate, followed by heart conditions.

Contact us with any questions and your questions will be directed to the appropriate staff person.

Meet Daniela! She is a bright eyed girl who is intelligent, excels in school, and enjoys positive relationships with her peers and adults. She loves to play, is involved in recreational activities, and adapts easily to changes. She is learning … Read More

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Meet Olivia! This sweet thirteen year old girl excels at communication, has made significant progress at school, and loves swimming and dancing. She enjoys various recreational activities, spending time with friends at school, and living a healthy lifestyle. She is very … Read More

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Look at these two handsome boys in Colombia.  Seth and Sloan are brothers who love one another and want to be adopted in a family together.  Seth, born in 2011, and Sloan, born in 2012, love to play soccer.  These … Read More

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Nancy is a cheerful and well behaved child, who easily establishes positive interaction with adults and children. Nancy is an autonomous child in personal care, hygiene, food and sleep. She likes to play with puzzles, lego constructions and make-believe games. … Read More

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Lucy is an affable and sweet child. She is independent with regards to her basic care and finds it easy to accept and to comply with rules and/or instructed orders. On a relational level, Lucy interacts appropriately with her friends, … Read More

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Could this loving, energetic sibling group complete your family? Felicity, loves to draw, play computer games and can often be found playing outside. She communicates well with her peers and does well in school. She helps well around the house … Read More

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Meet Axel! He can often be found jumping and smiling. Axel has great visual memory and is working on developing his imagination. He is able to follow instructions well and enjoys making things out of clay. Axel is looking for … Read More

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Rebecca is a humorous, helpful, and a smart preteen. She also likes to have fun, is great at coloring, and likes to play with dolls. Rebecca’s personality is described as boisterous, competitive, and outgoing. Rebecca’s favorite hobbies are reading, painting, … Read More

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Siman is a curious, sweet and friendly boy. He attends pre-school at the Residential Care House. In a calm and organized environment Siman can be quite cooperative in the activities proposed to him. Siman is quite selective in the relationships … Read More

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Get ready to be charmed by Emma and Avery, a delightful sister duo that's looking to light up a forever home with their unique sparkles. Emma, the big sister at 8 years old, is a bundle of sunshine with an … Read More

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