Protected: Waiting Children: a Forever Family – Could it be you?

Every child has a name – but not every child has a family.  You can change that. Start by viewing profiles of our waiting children.

The first and most important step is to have a completed home study and continually seek to educate yourself regarding adoption.  The education you receive will help prepare you for your adoption journey and help you to be matched with the child you are best suited to parent.  You are unique and bring special gifts, abilities and passions to your family.  Our goal is to help you apply those gifts and abilities to parenting a child who is waiting for their forever family.

The children shown below are but a few of the millions of children waiting.  This is where your adoption journey begins … or perhaps where it ends.  Contact us if you have questions or a particular interest in any of the children shown.  Remember, a child cannot be matched with a family until you have completed a home study and are eligible to adopt.  Most waiting children adoptions can be completed within a year of you making the decision to adopt.  Why be a waiting parent, when there are so many waiting children?  Keep in mind that waiting children are typically over 6 years old, or if they are younger may have minor or correctable special needs.  The most common minor special need is cleft palate, followed by heart conditions.

Contact us with any questions and your questions will be directed to the appropriate staff person.

Amelia, a bright and friendly 6-year-old, and her energetic and affectionate 5-year-old brother Marcel are looking for their forever home. Amelia is expressive and social, always eager to make new friends and learn new things. She loves playing outdoors, where … Read More

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Meet sweet Isabella! This bright-eyed 4-year-old girl is very lively and adaptable. Her foster family reports that she enjoys the company of others, listening to children’s songs, playing with toy cars, and watching TV. Isabella has great attachment, is calm … Read More

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Meet Thomas, an endearing 8-year-old boy in search of his forever family. He is described as patient and determined, Thomas is a young boy who approaches projects with steadfast dedication who sets his mind on accomplishing his goals.  Thomas is … Read More

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Meet Augustine, a delightful 5-year-old boy that enjoys arts and crafts, and playing with friends. Despite facing some challenges due to his special needs and diagnoses, Augustine is a resilient boy, currently undergoing therapies that have already shown promising improvements … Read More

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Meet Landon, a charming 3-year-old boy eagerly searching for his forever home. Initially reserved, Landon quickly warms up and showers affection on those around him. Despite his diagnosis of Treacher Collins syndrome, which affects his facial bones and tissue, Landon's motor … Read More

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Meet Bailey and Brooklyn, two brothers navigating the complexities of foster care. Despite their shared experiences, their unique personalities, strengths, and challenges these brothers continue to strive for excellence. Bailey, the older brother, demonstrates remarkable emotional stability and a strong … Read More

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Meet Michelle, a vibrant 3-year-old brimming with energy and affection. She finds joy in toys that make sounds, dancing, play time with friends, and being the center of attention. Michelle is currently undergoing therapies for her needs to help her … Read More

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Sheila, age 14, needs an adoptive family!  Meet Sheila, a  lively 14-year-old on the quest for her forever family. She envisions herself in a home filled with warmth and chatter, whether that's with a mom and dad duo or a single, … Read More

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Born into a world of challenges, Colin entered the world on a crisp October day in 2019. Despite facing medical hurdles, his spirit remained fearless. Colin's motor development continues to show progress, although with limitations. While he can sit independently … Read More

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Born in January Sailor entered the world ready to make a difference. Sailor's individual assessment reveals a child with a generally positive trajectory of development despite encountering some challenges. Physically, Sailor maintains a healthy somatic state and demonstrates proficiency in … Read More

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