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Application Phase

  • Snowflakes helps you complete:
    • Application
    • Agreement
    • Home Study
    • Family Profile

    Approval forms from your clinic

  • Snowflakes is securing donor applications to have embryos available for you
  • Snowflakes is securing FDA compliance for your safety
  • Snowflakes is assisting donors with their Family Profile for your review in matching

Matching Phase

  • Snowflakes reviews with you your preferences in a donor match
  • Snowflakes reviews with donor their matching preferences
  • Snowflakes works diligently to match you with an appropriate donor based on both families' preferences
  • The donor first reviews your profile, then you review the donor’s profile – no forced matches!
  • A match is made that you approve!

Contract Phase

  • Snowflakes customizes your legal agreements
  • Snowflakes helps you and your donor agree upon future communications
  • Both you and the donor family review the legal agreements
  • Snowflakes manages contract coordination with you and your donor family
  • Signed contracts are received and permanently recorded by Nightlight
  • Now you own your embryos and may proceed to shipping!

Shipping Phase

  • Snowflakes communicates with your clinic to confirm readiness to receive matched embryos
  • Snowflakes manages all aspects of shipping on your behalf
  • Embryo-safe shipping containers are used to send your embryos to your clinic with certainty
  • Confirmation of shipment delivery of your embryos
  • Time to schedule your frozen embryo transfer!
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