Tax Information for those Finalizing Adoptions in SC

The Adoption Tax Credit has been extended another year, and starting this year, it has increased to $13,170. So if you adopted this year or next, you can receive not only a tax credit of $13,170 but for the first time, the tax credit is refundable.

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New Resource: Financing Your Adoption with Grants, Loans, and Tax Credits

Nightlight Christian Adoptions has recently made available an updated 10-page guide to funding the expenses of your adoption. The resource guide provides detailed information concerning the new Federal Tax Credit/Refund for Adoption. The Financing your Adoption resource list is available at our Funding Your Adoption Resource Page. The resource guide covers the following topics: Federal and State Government […]

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IRS Issues Guidance on Expanded Adoption Credit Available for Tax-Year 2010

On Sept 29, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service issued guidance on the expanded adoption credit included in the Affordable Care Act.

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Should Christmas be canceled when you are pursuing adoption?

Tree, gifts, spiral ham and sparkling cider - we are not talking about gross excess here, but the simple things that are a traditional part of our culture. It’s the question of spending money that does not absolutely have to be spent while we are facing the inevitable reality of significant bills related to adoption.

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Family Legacies: Helping orphans through interest free adoption loans

For those who need to help finance their adoption with an interest-free loan, Family Legacies is a Christian organization that raises funds and disperses them as loans for the purpose of adoption. Read more in this post.

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Employers step up

Employers step up with benefits as adoption becomes more difficult September 2, 2007 BY SUE SCHELLENBARGER The Wall Street Journal Adopting a child from overseas has never been easy. But new restrictions on overseas adoptions have made the process much tougher, causing added stress and job disruptions for would-be parents. The changes are demanding more […]

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Financing Adoption: The Adoption Tax Credit

Taken from The Complete Adoption Book by Laura Beauvais-Godwin. "The adoption tax credit is perhaps the greatest financial incentive for adoptive families. You can now earn up to $10,160 in tax credit on your federal taxes for each child who you adopt. A tax credit is not the same as a tax deduction; a credit […]

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Justin Taylor on Financing an Adoption

Justin Taylor writes: One of the few posts that I repeat and supplement on this site is a list of resources that might help couples to finance an adoption. The reason is that adoptions are very expensive--often $15,000+ for a domestic adoption and $25,000+ for an international adoption; therefore finances are a major factor in […]

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