Transracial adoption: Is God's leading enough?

In a post two days ago, Dorothy Bode wrote in answer to those who ask the question, "Am I making a terrible mistake by adopting transracially?": The main thing I help them question is their motivations. "Is God building your family or are you trying to do it in spite of Him and in your […]

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'Do Black kids sunburn?' and other crazy questions I had no one to ask in my adoption journey

Yesterday I had the opportunity of participating in the webinar that Carolina Hope's director Laura Beauvais-Godwin did for families who are considering transracial/transcultural adoption. It was a good experience for me, and I hope that those who participated gained a little insight into the world of parenting children who don’t look like us. Personally, I wish […]

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Book recommendation: The Connected Child

The following is an informal book review by Claudia-Jacqueline Semar, M.Ed. She has granted us permission to reprint it here. Ms. Semar is the Executive Director of International Child Foundation. She has worked in adoptions for more than 15 years, and as an adoptive mother, she has first-hand experience in the things she writes about. […]

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Attachment disorder and other scary things about adoption

Two days ago I blogged about, a website put together by adoptive families to provide information about bonding and attachment in adoption. The post elicited this comment: after reading site I am scared. we are looking forward to adopting from an orphanage in Uganda (hopefully being able to pick up our child by […]

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Help for attachment issues in adoption

I was just alerted to this great website for adoptive families and prospective adoptive families that deals with a full range of adoption attachment issues, from "normal" bonding to severe attachment disorders: Pass this on to any families you know that are pursuing an adoption. Being educated about what's typical and what's possible is […]

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