Help for attachment issues in adoption

I was just alerted to this great website for adoptive families and prospective adoptive families that deals with a full range of adoption attachment issues, from “normal” bonding to severe attachment disorders: Pass this on to any families you know that are pursuing an adoption. Being educated about what’s typical and what’s possible is a vital part of wisdom in adoption – and in anything else.


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  1. […] days ago I blogged about, a website put together by adoptive families to provide information about […]

    • Thanks for this post! We are in the early stages of the adotoipn process. Still researching countries but being led over and over back to Ethiopia. The books you mentioned are on my list to add to the growing stack on my night stand. Reading blogs and being a member of several yahoo groups has really helped us learn how to prepare ourselves.

  2. Thanks for the link Josh. I am thankful that we are starting to talk about some of the hard things in adoption as well as the easy ones.

  3. after reading site I am scared. we are looking forward to adopting from an orphanage in Uganda (hopefully being able to pick up our child by early summer). what I’ve read here tonight is sobering.