Snowflakes’ Families Participate in First Ever Study on Embryo Donation

During the American Society of Reproductive Medicine conference in October 2022, a new research project was presented focusing on the Psychosocial Outcomes of Children Born via Embryo Donation. Various embryo donation programs provided access to clients/patients with children born through embryo donation or adoption. The study aimed to evaluate parents' perceptions of the psychosocial adjustment […]

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Value of Openness in Adoption

While openness has become a more common practice in the adoption community, it can still be a relatively new reality for some to have an open relationship with their child’s birth parents. The term “open adoption” typically is used to refer to adoptions in which all parties are known to each other and have some […]

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A Birth Mother's Story on Openness

A Nightlight birth mother’s perspective on open adoption –   “Open adoption has changed my life in more ways than I ever thought it would. I placed my son for adoption with my boyfriend because I had become pregnant unexpectedly. I was 18 at the time and still in school living at home with my […]

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Abounding Opportunities for Children with Down Syndrome

  In case you didn’t know, October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. As a mother to a child with Down Syndrome it’s one of my favorite months as it gives me a good excuse to talk about my child to anyone who will listen! But every year at least one person asks me why we […]

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Older Child and Sibling Adoption: A Good Fit For Your Family?

    I have had the blessing along with my husband to have adopted 6 school aged children over the past 24 years. We knew we wanted children and as we had an active life style and both worked, we decided sibling, school-aged children made sense for our family. We enjoyed spending time with our […]

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Understanding the Adoption Tax Credit

  Has anyone you’ve ever known (perhaps even you) had a deep and sincere desire to grow their family through adoption, but its price tag was so overwhelming and discouraging that they concluded there is no way I could EVER afford to adopt? And if that’s you, I truly understand.  Unfortunately, adoption is expensive and […]

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Why Should You Consider Adopting Through A Christian Adoption Agency?

    You may ask yourself, “Is adopting a child through a Christian agency all that important?” After all, there are many ethical and competent agencies that provide excellent services but do not reference being Christian. Here at Nightlight, we are a distinctly Christian agency, and as a result, you may decide to adopt your […]

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Considering adoption? What does the adoption tax credit mean to you?

If you are considering adopting a child this year, you'll be happy to hear the latest update on the adoption tax credit. The adoption tax credit has been extended for one more year, has increased, and you may even qualify for a refund! The new tax credit provides not only a credit but a refund […]

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Employers step up

Employers step up with benefits as adoption becomes more difficult September 2, 2007 BY SUE SCHELLENBARGER The Wall Street Journal Adopting a child from overseas has never been easy. But new restrictions on overseas adoptions have made the process much tougher, causing added stress and job disruptions for would-be parents. The changes are demanding more […]

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