1. There are three ways to begin your embryo adoption journey. First, you may have a personal consultation with a Snowflakes Inquiry Specialist.


One of our professional staff members will spend time with you via phone and email to better understand your unique circumstances and help you determine if adoption is the right choice for your family. They will help you gain an understanding of program specifics and answer your questions. They are great listeners! We want you to understand our entire process before you choose our program.



Paige Zapf & Dawn Canny, Snowflakes Inquiry Specialists

970-663-6799 | paige@nightlight.org

2. Perhaps filling out forms is more to your liking. The second way you may begin your embryo adoption journey is by completing our online Inquiry Form.

The Inquiry Form helps you determine which adoption program is right for your family. After completing the form a Nightlight team member will contact you.

3. Not quite ready to talk or fill out forms? No problem! The third option is to gather a little more information.

We are happy to supply you with several of our most popular resources to help you learn more about Snowflakes and embryo adoption. Request Resources

Once you decide to move forward with your adoption there are several items you will complete before you enter into the matching phase of our program.

    • Final Application Form
    • Agreement for Adoption Services
    • Family Profile (used to help match you with a placing family)
    • Physician Approval (confirming no contraindications to pregnancy)
    • Adoption Family Evaluation/Home Study

Snowflakes Program Information Packet

Other resources to help you learn more about this unique adoption choice which allows you to give birth to your adopted child!

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The Process of Embryo Adoption (video)

READY TO GET STARTED? Use one of our three contact methods below to connect with us.


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