April 11, 2024

International Spotlight: Bulgaria


Bulgaria is an eastern European country that we have worked with in intercountry adoptions for over a decade now. The beautiful country of Bulgaria has many factors that draws the attention of families to adopt from there such as their culture and history. Here are some interesting facts about Bulgaria:

  • Bulgaria is rich in history and archaeological sites ranking number 3 in Europe.
  • Bulgaria is the only country in Europe that has never changed its name and dates back to 681.
  • The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, but Plovdiv, Bulgaria is the oldest city in Europe, as it has existed for more than 8000 years.
  • The largest Orthodox Church in the world is located in Sofia, Bulgaria called the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
  • Spa tourism is very big in Bulgaria as they are the second country in Europe with the largest number of natural mineral springs that includes 142 resorts.

Although there are many reasons to visit Bulgaria as a tourist, there is also a more important reason and that is to adopt a wonderful child or children from this beautiful country. Bulgarian children learn from a very young age the traditions and culture of their country. At Nightlight, we work with families to provide them resources to help them keep intact the culture and traditions of the country with their adopted children. It is important for children who are adopted internationally to still be connected with their birth country.

Our Bulgaria program has children available for adoption ranging from 1-16 years old. The more open you are to special needs, age range and gender, the potential of being matched with a child or children sooner. Parent requirements are to be married for at least 2 years or singles can adopt with the minimum age gap between adoptive child and adoptive parent being 15 and the max age is 45. The travel requirements are two trips. The first trip is 5-7days long and both parents must travel while the second trip is 7-10 days longs and only one parent has to travel although it is recommended for both to travel.

We have many profiles of waiting children from Bulgaria that you can review. In the program, once you are matched with a child the time the child can be brought home is 4-6 months. Any questions that you may have regarding the program, please feel free to reach out to our Bulgaria team of Karson Loscar and Gracie Trujillo (gracie@nightlight.org) . We would be happy to answer any questions or assist you with an adoption from Bulgaria.

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