April 4, 2024

Adoption Impacts: Wisline


Adoption has left an indelible mark on every facet of my life, shaping my identity and guiding my purpose. My journey began in the impoverished country of Haiti, where I confronted the harsh reality of abandonment at just five years old, having lost both my parents. Amidst the challenges, God orchestrated a remarkable rescue mission through a compassionate widow who, on a mission trip to Haiti, felt an unwavering calling to adopt me, defying age barriers at 60 years old. The unfolding of this adoption echoed the comforting words of Psalms 68:5-6, affirming that God is the "Father of orphans and protector of widows" and that He provides a home for the lonely.

As a transracial adoptee, I navigated the challenges of being separated from my birth family and adapting to a new home and family environment. This journey was marked by limited support during the transitional period for both my adoptive mother and me. This unique background fueled my desire to champion and assist adoptive families and children. Through my personal experience, I've gained profound insights into the transformative impact adoption can have on a child's life. Grateful to be part of a mission that aims to make a difference, I am committed to fostering support and understanding within the adoption community.


Wisline Cledgett - Snowflakes Adopting Parent Inquiry Specialist

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