December 13, 2023

International Spotlight: India


Nightlight's India Adoption Program is a great one to consider for expanding your family! India is located in South Asia, and is the most populous country in the whole world. At 1.42 billion people making it a richly diverse country. India is also recognized for its lively culture, vivid colors, and flavorful food. However, it is also notorious for its high levels of poverty, increasing pollution, and overcrowding. These contributors are just a few of the many factors that contribute to why there are so many children without families. While a lot of children are domestically adopted in India there are still many children that are left without matches in their native country. Here at Nightlight we help those children that remain unmatched find loving families here in the United States.

This year alone Nightlight has successfully matched 11 children from India, and are on track to bringing 7 children home this year.

The India adoption program has various features that make it an appealing option for prospective families.

  • A diverse cultural experience. The program offers a wide range of adoptable children, which allows for families to find a match that aligns with their child preferences and family dynamics. Parents will also need to travel to the state of the child and to the capitol of Delhi where they can immerse themselves in the child’s native country during their visit and interestingly India is the second largest English speaking country which in some cases could ease the bonding process.
  • Support Services. Our Agency will walk you through this journey readily available to answer questions, provide guidance, and connect you with other adoptive families that have gone through similar experiences. We will also provide comprehensive training on the adoption process to maintain transparency and have clear guidelines.
  • Well established adoption infrastructure, and commitment to child welfare. India is a Hague convention country which serves to facilitate cooperation between countries in international adoption, and to protect children’s rights. The central agency that our program will be working with is CARA (Care and Protection of Children Act) it regulates the adoption process specifically in India with this in mind you can be put at ease knowing that the protection of the children is priority number one.

Somethings to know before proceeding with the India adoption program is that the current duration of adoptions is approximately 2-4 years. There is also a great need for children with special needs to be adopted. Children with needs can have different ranges of needs from mild to severe. There are some needs that can be managed, improved, or altogether reversed with access to proper medical care. The adoption process is a journey that comes with a lot of twists and turns with the final destination of joy.

While challenges persist they are not unyielding. Know that we are here with you as you go through this journey. If you have any inquiries or require further information regarding the India adoption program, please reach out to

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