May 9, 2023

Christian is our Middle Name

What does it mean for Nightlight to be a "Christian" agency?  How do we express our faith?  We share God's truth and love in the following ways:

  •  Monday prayer time on Teams and Bible Study
  • Monday morning prayer time in offices 
  • Speaking to Our Clients Through Scripture printed booklets for all staff to use with clients 
  • Our Statement of Faith on our website 
  • “What’s Christian About Adoption?” brochure printed and distributed and on website 
  • Email to families asks them to send prayer requests 
  • Praying with families during home visits as appropriate 
  • Tangible acts - showing up with a meal if someone had surgery, etc 
  • Begin or end Teams meetings with prayer 
  • Hanging Christian graphic art or bible verses in the office 
  • Bible verse placards identifying doors/offices  
  • 1 Week mission trip benefit for staff every 2 years 
  • Market Place Chaplains minister monthly to our staff
  • Staff Attend Christian Alliance for Orphans summit 
  • Participate in Orphan Sunday at churches 
  • Encourage staff to donate money to Orphan Galaxy 
  • Send Christian books at gifts to staff for wedding anniversary 
  • Practicing the spiritual disciplines as a staff together (fasting, solitude, service) 
  • Offering forgiveness 
  • Being “in the world but not of It” 
  • Scripture sent with international referral 
  • Sending “we prayed for you” cards 
  • Presenting stories of how God worked in our client's lives
  • Bible verses on website pages 
  • Bible verses on invoice, receipt, letterhead, agreements 
  • Bible verses on email signature line 
  • Our logo and middle name 
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