July 18, 2022

Traditional Home Study vs. Snowflakes Family Evaluation

In the beginning stages of the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, adoptive families have two choices for fulfilling the program's home study requirement: A traditional home study or a Snowflakes Family Evaluation (SFE).

When weighing these options, several factors merit consideration, including cost, overall timeline, the adoptive family's location and accessibility to home study providers. And the possibility of transitioning from embryo adoption to another adoption type if the former does not result in a successful pregnancy and birth.

Opting for the SFE offers several advantages. The cost is typically lower than that of a traditional home study, given that only one face-to-face home visit is necessary, and the paperwork is generally less extensive. The SFE process also tends to be faster than a traditional home study. Additionally, each of our ten Nightlight offices has multiple SFE providers who can travel to meet families, regardless of their state or country of residence. This flexibility contrasts with home studies, which must be conducted by a licensed agency in the adoptive family's state.

Collaborating with professionals well-versed in embryo adoption is another benefit of the SFE, as opposed to working with a home study agency unfamiliar with this specific type of adoption.

However, there are situations where completing a traditional home study may be more advantageous.

Some couples applying with Snowflakes may already possess a completed home study, or they may find a local home study provider with lower fees than those associated with an SFE. Importantly, a traditional home study can be modified or updated for use in domestic, foster, or international adoption if the adoptive couple plans to switch programs in the event that embryo adoption is unsuccessful, whereas the SFE is exclusively valid for embryo adoption.

The Snowflakes Team is always available to discuss these options with you and assist in determining the most suitable home study option for your family. Visit our website at Snowflakes.org.

By Jenna Baker

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