June 30, 2022

“Fun in the Sun” Adoption Fundraising Ideas


It’s summer, and there is no better time to plan and execute an adoption fundraiser. The options are limitless. Here are five ideas which merge summer fun and adoption funding:

Car Wash – Gather a group of family and friends to have an old-fashioned car wash. Advertise the event on social media including date, location, and time. You choose whether to have a set amount for services or accept any donation. Play some oldies music, laugh much, and lather your sponges!

Corn Hole Tournament – Who doesn’t love a rousing game of corn hole - young, old, or in between! It’s a low budget and easy to plan tournament. Participants pay a donation entry fee. Design t-shirts or hats to sell. Have food and snacks available. The game is played elimination style, and spectators can cheer the others to victory. Have creative, low-cost prizes for the winners of each round. Download a Corn Hole Tournament bracket here - https://www.cornholeworldwide.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Cornhole-Tournament-Brackets.pdf

Garage Sale – This event is a win/win for all involved. Your family and friends get to de-clutter their closets, and you will make money from the clutter! Plan in advance and ask your friends for donations. Have a donation drop-off site or offer to provide pick-up services. Price the items reasonably. Your goal is to move inventory. Strategically choose a high traffic location. Advertise in advance and have large, brightly colored signs posted. Let shoppers know their purchases will help bring your child home and post a “Donations Accepted” sign. Have bottled water in coolers to sell or let your “littles” set up a lemonade stand. If you have inventory left over, choose a location on the other side of town, and after a week or two to recover, go for round #2. Don’t forget to gather sacks/bags and have extra change available to get started.

Movie Night – Host a movie night in a location large enough to have an old-fashioned “drive-in” feel (public park, church, a farmer’s barnyard …). Choose a summer blockbuster suitable for all ages and family fun. Ask for an entrance donation. Sell popcorn, soda, and candy. Write your Adoption Bridge profile link on the popcorn bags so attendees can make additional donations later.

Summer Field Day – Most kids wait all year long anticipating the beloved Field Day during the final week of school. Why not host your own? Kids will have a blast playing games while their parents will love having a fun and safe activity for them. Plan an afternoon of competitive games like tug-of-war, wheel barrow race, sack race, water balloon toss … For additional creative games see - https://www.weareteachers.com/field-day-games/ Set a donation amount for registration. Have sack lunches for sale. Get businesses to donate fun prizes. Invite energetic volunteers to help run the competitions. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Finally, keep in mind your family’s unique strengths and talents. What do you enjoy doing? What are you exceptionally good at? Turn those abilities into fun and profitable fundraisers. Enjoy the summer and go make some money!


By: Camie Schuiteman, Nightlight Family Resource Specialist

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