February 8, 2020

Keeping Your Marriage a Priority During Your Adoption Journey


Embarking on the adoption journey can be challenging, particularly for a marriage. The extensive paperwork, the anticipation of a match, and the anxiety surrounding potential obstacles can strain your relationship at a time when mutual support is crucial. However, taking proactive steps and being transparent with each other allows you to navigate the adoption process positively and safeguard your marriage. To help you maintain a strong relationship through adoption, we've compiled a list of practical practices:

1. Commit to Investing in Your Marriage:
Don't assume a healthy marriage will naturally unfold. Actively decide that preserving your marital bond is as important as, if not more important than, the adoption journey. Remember the foundation of your relationship, invest time, money, and energy to fortify it, ensuring strength when you become parents.

2. Create a Joint Plan:
It's crucial that both you and your spouse agree on the course of action. Determine which adoption program to pursue, establish a practical budget, and discuss the duration you're willing to wait. Flexibility is key, and joint decision-making is essential.

3. Maintain Open Communication:
Set aside dedicated time for regular conversations throughout the adoption process. Listening is as important as speaking. Stay attuned to each other's emotions and experiences.

4. Avoid Using Challenges as Excuses:
Infertility, stress, or hormonal changes should not be excuses for negative behavior. Acknowledge the impact of stress on each other and refrain from pushing your spouse away during challenging times. Support each other rather than treating them as the adversary.

5. Seek Support:
Don't hesitate to seek help from each other or from external sources. Counseling can be immensely beneficial for couples facing infertility challenges.

6. Diversify Your Focus:
Schedule activities regularly—weekly or at least monthly—that are unrelated to adoption or children. Engaging in other pursuits reminds you both that your relationship extends beyond the adoption process.

As you navigate the adoption journey, remember that a strong marriage provides a solid foundation for welcoming a child into your home. Happy Valentine's Day from Nightlight Christian Adoptions!


written by Paige Zapf

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