September 19, 2019

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month: Caleb the Healed One


Every once in a while in this field, you meet a family who really touches your heart.  The Jones-Moreno family is one of those families.  When going through the adoption process, there are always delays and difficulties, especially in international adoption.  Alex and Shunna were always patient, gracious, and positive throughout it all.  Alex and Shunna are determined to show the love and light of Jesus in all their interactions and talking with them was always an encouragement to me.

They arrived home from Uganda with their son Caleb in January of 2015.  Caleb was 4 years old.  Alex and Shunna met Caleb through their ministry Reach Up Reach Out, a ministry they started to support widows and orphans in Uganda.

Earlier this year, Caleb was diagnosed with pediatric cancer.  Caleb is now 9 years old.  He has undergone surgery and several rounds of chemo.  There have been many miracles in Caleb’s battle and Alex and Shunna continue to give God the glory for each and every gift.  Caleb has about 8 more rounds of chemo ahead of him. So far, he has been handling the treatments well.  Throughout this difficult time, Alex and Shunna have remained committed to Reach Up Reach Out, continued to let the joy of Jesus reign in their hearts, and have truly been an inspiration to me and the entire Nightlight team.

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and I want to honor Caleb during this month and raise awareness for him and the many other children battling cancer.  Please join me in praying for Caleb who has been renamed by his parents during this time as Caleb the Healed One.  If you do not know what to pray, here is a simple prayer you can pray over Caleb each day.

One of the biggest events of Reach Up Reach Out Ministries is their annual Christmas party in Uganda.  Caleb is scheduled to complete treatment before then and everyone is praying he will get to go.  He loves getting to see his friends and serving children in need.  If you would like to support the Jones-Moreno family financially to help offset the cost of Caleb’s medical bills, you can do so on the Go Fund Me Page.  If you would like to support Reach Up Reach Out and the projects they have, you can read more about their work and make a donation on their website.

For all the children and families facing this battle, we stand with you in prayer.  May God heal every child.


Written by:  Lisa Prather, LMSW

Vice President of Operations

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