June 14, 2018

Summer Camp Resources for Adoptive Families




Summer is upon us and the season for summer camp has come. Maybe this is your first summer with your kids and you have no idea where to start for camp and summer activities.


The first place to start would be your church. Often times churches have summer camp for older elementary school kids through high school age. Or they may be connected with a summer camp that they frequently take their youth to each summer. The other thing that is offered is Vacation Bible School, which is not an all day camp (a half a day typically) and a great opportunity for your children to learn and have fun. Older kids (junior high and high school) are often encouraged to volunteer.


Next check out your local YMCA, they have all sorts of summer activities including overnight and day camps that they can connect you to. These can also turn into great resources during the school year for sports and activities and even after school care in some areas.


Lastly you would want to check out the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts which also have summer camps. Kids can go to camps from all over the place and your child can make new friends that have different backgrounds to share.


Overall summer camp is a great experience for your child, finding the experience that works best for your family is key. Look at what your family is looking for and what your child is ready for. Maybe they are not ready to go away to camp but a day camp is a great option or maybe they are just begging to go away to camp.  Once you know what they need you can make your choice. From there you can enjoy your summer.



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  • Holt International provides camp for adoptees & their families at various locations in the US—New Jersey, Nebraska, Wisconsin & Oregon








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