March 9, 2018

A Uganda Adoption Story

Did you know that Nightlight is not just involved in adoption but also family reunification? This sometimes happens in our US foster care programs and also in our orphanages oversees. Whenever it is possible for a child to be raised safely in their biological family, we champion that! Here is one such story from Ken and Cathy, directors of Tender Hearts Baby Home in Uganda.

“David was rescued by concerned neighbors after being abused and neglected by his mother and maternal grandmother. They claimed he was demon possessed and did not deserve to live. He was only 7 months old.

We placed him on nutritional care. He has grown to be a sweet and healthy boy. He was a darling to many in the home, in spite of him being very timid around strangers.

We were finally able to reunite David with his paternal grandparents. They were very excited to receive him and for all the love and care we had given to their grandson. Even though we miss him already, we are forever grateful that he is home with his family.
We would like to appreciate everyone who prayed for him, loved him and took care of him, especially his nanny Patricia who loved him extravagantly. God is still at work. “

Compiled by Peace Okongo and Catherine Nganda

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