May 29, 2015

China Program No Waiting!

Earlier this month, Nightlight staff traveled to China to re-sign our One-to-One Contracts with orphanages in Beiliu (Guangxi Province) and Tongren (Guizhou Province).  In addition, we have signed two new One-to-One contracts with orphanages in Xiao Xian (Anhui Province) and Qing Dao (Shandong Province).

As a result of these partnerships, Nightlight is expecting to receive as many as 60 new files of waiting orphans in the next 12 months.  Many of these children are toddlers and can only be matched with families who have a dossier logged in with the CCCWA.


Dana Woods, Director Li, Daniel Nehrbass, and Alison Yu

The really good news is that if you start the adoption process now (home study and dossier process takes about 6 months), we anticipate that your family can be matched with one of these children as soon as you are ready!

Nightlight's China program has among the lowest fees in the country and the highest quality of services. Families desiring to be matched with these children must meet the following China qualifications:

  • Must be between 30 and 50 years old
  • Must have a high school education
  • Must have a BMI below 40
  • Must have a household income of $10,000 per family member.
  • Must be in good physical health
  • Psychotropic medications are allowed only for one spouse if the other spouse is perfectly healthy.
  • Must have a net worth of $80,000


Signing the contract with XiaoXian


Signing the contract with QingDao

For more information regarding our China program, please call one of our China program experts: Stephanie, Dana, or Hannah at 859-263-9964.

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