April 16, 2015

China Program Fees Reduced!!!

ChinaNightlight Christian Adoptions is expanding our One-to-One partnerships in China.  In anticipation of this growth, we are reducing our agency fees for the China program to a total of $8,450.  This makes our agency fees for China one of the lowest in the country.  Also, we will be offering an additional discount of $1,000 at dossier phase for any families who apply to the China program between April 14, 2015 and May 15, 2015.  We anticipate that we will soon be receiving many new files on children from these programs.  Many of these children will be non-special focus children and will only be eligible for matching with families whose dossiers are logged in with the CCCWA.  Therefore, we need qualified families to begin the process now!  The home study and dossier process can take 4 to 6 months to complete.  Families signing up now will likely have short referral wait times.

Nightlight’s China program, formerly under A Helping Hand Adoption Agency, is experienced and highly regarded.  We have been completing adoptions from China since 1995.  Our program is well established and our adoptive families are very happy.  We have an entire China department devoted to making sure your adoption is completed in a timely and efficient manner.  Many children available through the China waiting child program are relatively young and have minor or correctable needs.

Below are a few quotes from some of our families who have completed the program recently.  To begin your application, click here or call and talk with one of our China experts at 859-263-9964.  Please ask for Dana, Stephanie, or Hannah.  For more information about the program, please click here.

What families are saying about NCA…

  • The China Program Director was very helpful from the beginning of our process. She was a good listener and very sympathetic. [The rest of the staff] was also a great support and answered my concerns.  ~Ballard family
  • Thank you for all you did to help us bring home our sweet daughter! We would certainly recommend NCA to others. ~Johnson family
  • With regard to travel, NCA and their staff did a great job. We were greeted by staff when we arrived in the airport and they took care of all our needs. Alison Yu is fantastic!! ~Stone family
  • This is our second adoption. I feel that I have gotten very personalized attention and that the staff has been attentive to our individual needs. The China Program Director has been awesome and the Travel Coordinator very helpful with travel arrangements.  Definitely will recommend to others who want to adopt.  ~Wheeler family
  • The staff in China were amazing hosts and guides. There is so much going on emotionally and logistically it would be difficult to iron out all the potential kinks. The travel coordinator did an excellent job walking through all the logistics with us.  ~Zwerling familystrawn2
  • Travel arrangements were handled above our expectations. ~Sevits family
  • We feel you provided excellent service in China and preparing us for travel. Having guides every step of the trip and wiring the money was so helpful. It took some of the stress out of the way!  ~Cohen family
  • The China Team at NCA is very helpful and encouraging. ~Gray family
  • The travel [process] was wonderful…all NCA guides in China were outstanding!  ~Johnson family

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