September 18, 2014

Embryo Adoption: A Blessing for Three Families

Couples who have experienced their own baby blues and have chosen to build their families through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) may be able to bring joy to another couple’s infertility woes. Through the gift of embryo donation and adoption, couples who have completed their family building and have embryos remaining can donate those embryos to another couple facing infertility in hopes of helping them build the family they have always dreamed of. Embryo adoption offers the exciting possibility of being able to carry their adopted children and offers those children the ability to know where they came from through open adoption.

Embryo adoption agencies will seek to keep the biologically related siblings born through this process in as few families as possible. Sometimes, however, as was the case with the families in this video story, a family becomes complete with one pregnancy and the birth of twins or triplets. Finding a second adoptive family in these situations allows yet another family to experience the joys of adopting children at the earliest stages of development.

There are over 600,000 embryos remaining in frozen storage. That number continues to climb as more families are turning to assisted reproductive technologies to build their families. While embryo adoption may not be for everyone, couples who have experienced the process wish more families would consider the option. “Rather than just getting a bill from the frozen storage service every year, we will know that there is an option for them and there is a way for these children to have a chance,” says Jay White, a genetic parent who is glad that his embryos had an opportunity to experience what they were created for - Life.

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