June 13, 2013

Book a Hotel Room, Benefit Nightlight

chlogo-sif1Are you traveling with your family this summer for vacation? For work? Are you planning to stay in a tent or a reserve a hotel room?

If a hotel room is a part of your plan, why not make your reservation through CharitableHotels.org?

Doug Gamble, an entrepreneurial spirit, developed an idea to financially help charitable organizations by building a website where you can make cost-effective hotel reservations at hotels located throughout the world – just like those other ‘big-name’ online hotel providers.

The significant difference is this: when you make your reservation through CharitableHotels.org, Nightlight will receive a donation as a result!

The direct URL is www.CharitableHotels.org/Nightlight. Please add it to your bookmark list and put a sticky-note reminder on your computer screen to use this link the next time you need a hotel room.

Let us know about your experience. Wishing you a fun and rejuvenating summer fellow adoption advocate!

Your Nightlight Staff

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