April 22, 2013

Dark Past, Bright Future

romaniaLearning about a country's history is often important and helpful when deciding where to adopt from. Even though many countries have a dirty and saddening past with their orphan care, it can still be inspiring and helpful in your search for adoption. A recent article published in the Scientific American focuses on Romania and a study that was conducted on infants and young children in their orphanages. The study group was able to split up children in to groups where one group was put into foster care while the other group stayed in an orphanage. The results in this study were amazing in the differences of foster care and the orphan system. Children placed into a foster home setting showed to have a higher IQ as they grew compared to children in an orphanage. Foster care children also had less anxiety and were able to attach to loved ones easier than children in orphan care.

To read the article visit the Scientific American website.

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