April 17, 2013

What’s Your Attitude and Practice? Take this survey before April 30!


Nightlight would like to encourage you to respond to this multi-national online survey of the attitudes and practices of people regarding assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

As many of you know, our Snowflakes program was created to both help people who have used ART choose a positive solution for remaining frozen human embryos through embryo donation and to help families achieve their hope of pregnancy and childbirth.

Since 1997 there have now been over 330 babies born to Snowflake families as a result of the generosity of many embryo donations.

The primary investigator of the study is Dr. Megan Best, an Australian physician and recent author of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Matthias Media, 2012). The survey is being sponsored in the U.S. by the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity (CBHD).

Please take the survey now.

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