September 19, 2012

Sasha's Thoughts: The Beach - На пляже!

What a beautiful day! I cannot imagine living in a more beautiful place than the South Bay, California for the past 16 years. As I was sitting at the beach today, soaking in sunshine and ocean mist, I noticed these little kids next to me. They were with their mothers having a grand old time! I recalled a story from my past. My family (Pa, Ma and three little kids!) used to go to Virginia every year for a few weeks in the summer. Our relatives had a small property on the lake over there so each time we came the lake was the number 1 place to go! I remember the first time as clear as if it were yesterday. We were little pipsqueaks: 5, 10 and 13. Our grandpa took us out on a BIG boat. My aunt cooked hamburgers (probably 1st time eating one!) And we got presents: a little beach towel rolled into a tote filled with t-shirts, water toys and a big sun with sunglasses on everything! What sweet memories…

As I sat on the beach, I could not help but smile at the little kids with their little sand buckets making castles and chasing birds. This same smile floats across my face as I remember a similar beach with little Russian kids running around in the sand playing tag and swimming in the water. The funny thing is, I still feel like that little girl inside sometimes…

As I sat mesmerized by the scene that unfolded in front of my eyes the warmth of the breeze lulled me to sleep with the thought of how sweet it is to share this earth with family no matter who they are or where they are. So to bring to this story a small thought, next time you or your “adopted” family are at odds, remember how sweet it is to have a family to go to the beach with and spend hours together because at one point, me and/or you have been without family and that is a very sad and lonely place to be indeed.

Cheerfully yours,


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