March 23, 2012

Nightlight® Christian Adoptions Hires New Director for California Office

In an effort to assist with their expanding domestic, international and embryo adoption programs the Board of Directors of Nightlight Christian Adoptions welcomes Dr. Dan Nehrbass as the new President, effective April 2, 2012.

Dr. Nehrbass comes to the position with experience in education, counseling and ministry. Nehrbass obtained his PhD from Fuller Thological Seminary in 2012 and most recently has been an Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Biola University as well as the Associate Pastor at Fountain Valley Methodist Church.

Dan and his wife Kristina reside in Santa Ana, CA with their sixchildren, three of whom were adopted through the United States foster care program.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions provides adoption services as a permanent response for children without parents through child advocacy, parent education and lifelong support… because every child deserves a loving family. Serving children and families throughout the world for more than 50 years, Nightlight has been bringing parents and children together through adoption to form loving and supportive families. Visit the new website at for more information.


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  1. wow those are some sad statistics,I wish we were in a btteer place to fostor we always wanted to we actually were signed up to start fostor care the day before I found I was pregnant with Kimberly (i had so many fertility problems we never thought we would have another baby) so we felt it was GOd telling us the timeing was off. I hope with my new job our family can make a difference and later get a bigger house and be able to fostor to adopt. Madison has already started wanting to do soemthing she saved $20 and instead of spending it on her self she donated it to the childrens latern she is 7! If only we all had a heart like hers. My goal is in a year to afford a bigger house with my new job and to start the process of fostering. Untill then I hope I can make the money I am suposed to make and make donations and encourage madison to raise money and feed her need to help other kids. In the mean time we are looking for a good reputible website to sponsor a kid. Our heart is really wanting to do something but it has to be within our means for now till my training is done and I start bring in a paycheck. THe statistics are heartwrenching. If we all help we could give these children a chance and they deserve that!Thank you for your post Pastor Jill I want to do more its so heart wrenching!Jamie

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