February 6, 2012

Chris & Christine

Dear Mother-/Father-To-Be,

Our names are Chris and Christine, and we are a couple in New Mexico looking to adopt a child into our home. Neither of us is a native of New Mexico (Christine was born and raised in Ohio, and Chris was also born in Ohio but raised in Texas), but we both moved here as adults for either work or to attend school. It was fortunate that we did, because otherwise we might not have met!

After getting her Master's degree in counseling, Christine chose New Mexico as a place to start looking because her grandmother lives here. For many years, she helped people with disabilities find employment before beginning work at our church as the Children's Ministry Director. Chris often got volunteered to help in the children's area (which he actually enjoyed :).) Last winter, Christine resigned from her position at the church due to budget cuts, but she continues to volunteer in the children's ministry. Currently, she works part-time at a tea room gift shop.

Chris first moved to New Mexico to attend the University of New Mexico, and after finishing graduate school in electrical engineering he had the opportunity to work in several laboratories in other countries. He returned to New Mexico to work with a science and engineering company that assisted with the many projects at the various laboratories in New Mexico. Recently, Chris started working directly for one of the research labs. The research work that he has been able to do at the labs has been very interesting.

We are both Christians, and our faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of our lives. As a result, the things that we are involved in together are centered mainly on our church and its missions activities. (It was actually through a Bible study at another church that we first met each other.) In addition to work with the children in our church, we are both involved in Bible studies and with helping out with various tasks around the church. Groups from our church visit an orphanage in Mexico twice a year to help with maintenance and construction tasks, and they also travel to El Salvador each summer to teach the Bible and do other humanitarian work; we have been able to participate in several of these trips.

Though we have been married for eight years, our only other "family member" at the moment is a 13 year old calico cat. We have no children, and it does not appear that we will be able to have children. The idea of adoption was not new to us, however, as Christine has an adopted brother. We had also been considering adoption as a means to one day add to our family even before we found out that we could not have children.

We cannot begin to understand the emotions that you must be feeling right now, and surely it must be difficult thinking about placing your child in the care of another home and family. We pray that the Lord will encourage you at this time and help you in making this decision. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and to hear of our desire to adopt a child into our home.

Chris and Christine



Adopting Family at a Glance

Father's Name: Chris Mother's Name: Christine
Occupation: Electrical Engineer Occupation: Retail Clerk
Education: Ph.D. in Engineering Education: M.A. in Psychology
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Age: Early 40's Age: Early 40's
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'2" Height: 5'7"
General Health: Good General Health: Good

Date of marriage: 7/27/2002

Children: None.

Interest and Hobbies: We like to spend time with friends and family. We also like to hike, read, listen to music, and travel.

Home: We live in a single family home and have a small yard. We are also close to several schools and parks.

Pets: We have a calico cat named Belle.

Finances: We are financially secure and stable.

Why are you interested in building a family though adoption: We both enjoy being with children and desire to have a family of our own. We had also been considering adoption as a means to add to our family even before we found out that we could not have children.

Openness to Birth parents: We plan to maintain contact through pictures and letters.

Childcare Plans: Christine will be a stay-at-home mom.

Statement of Faith: We believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. He is the Lord of our lives.

Type of child we wish to adopt: Newborn up to two years of age. We are also willing to take twins.

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