October 12, 2011

Flooding and Phnom Penh Orphanage

Over the last couple weeks, there has been an extraordinary amount of flooding in Cambodia. One site recently affected is the Children's Relief Center (CRC), an organization that Nightlight has partnered with in the past for humanitarian efforts and adoption. The flooding has come into the first story of a wooden house that's part of the orphanage complex. The structure is holding up well, but there will likely be expenses related to damages. If you'd like to donate to help cover these costs, go to our Donate page, click on "Donate Online" and then select "Cambodia Aid" from the drop-down.

(Nightlight has donated funds to the CRC to assist with purchasing food during this time of unusually severe flooding.)

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  1. Alright. I was enjoying this post very much and just fiidnng it to be a nice God-thing to read about and then you said Probably from Ethiopia. Probably multiple children. and I a little bit lost it. The multiple children part. Not sure why but it just made my heart super warm to think of several little Ethiopian kiddos filling your home. This is a beautiful, exciting, challenging, encouraging, lovely post. Thanks, Shaun. (and, p.s. You are right. Your wife is really, really pretty. Not that it is any of my business!)

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