April 1, 2011

New Home Study and Post-placement Requirements for China Adoptions

The  China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption released some new home study and post-placements requirements. These new guidelines and regulations for the home study go into effect as of October 1, 2011; and those regarding post placement visits and reports apply to families who receive Notice of Coming to China for Adoption after August 1, 2011.

personwritingHome Study

First, you must have a home study completed by a Hague accredited adoption agency. Please contact Nightlight before you begin the home study process so we can advise you as to the selection of a home study agency. (As a Hague accredited agency, Nightlight provides adoption home study services in Southern California, Colorado, and South Carolina.)

China also requires certain applicants -- anyone who has a history of alcohol or drug abuse, has experienced emotional loss or trauma or abuse, or is in counseling -- to provide a psychological report as part of the home study process. The type of report required and the contents are not specified:  it will be up to the home study provider to determine the type of evaluation that the family may need. For example, emotional loss is a common experience -- especially among those who have gone through infertility and possibly miscarriages -- and the home study provider will want to address these issues with the couple. If someone has experienced serious trauma and abuse, then it may be more appropriate for counseling to be recommended if certain issues have not been resolved.

China continues to require four (4) face-to-face visits with you and your home study provider. In addition to the usual requirements for a home study, China now wants a minimum of three (3) letters of references that are submitted for the home study to be attached to the home study and sent to China. Your home study and placement agency will advise you of the specific requirements for the references.  If one or more of your children is 18 or older, you are required to obtain a reference letter from one of your adult children. If your children are school-age, you must obtain a letter of reference from one of their teachers. We will ask new China families to provide the usual three (3) letters of reference from friends and acquaintances as well as a letter of reference from an adult child and teacher if applicable.

All dated and signed references are to be sent directly to the home study agency.

If you have further questions about the home study, you may want to watch our home study webinars, which explain what is involved in a home study.


All families adopting from China must complete at least 12 hours of adoption education. The Hague Treaty on Intercountry Adoption already requires families to have at least 10 hours of education. You can obtain 10 or more hours of Hague compliant training during the home study process, and Nightlight will be providing at least two (2) hours of education regarding your specific child, Chinese culture, and travel. Most of our families are already receiving 12 or more hours of education during the home study phase.

Post- Adoption  Reports

China is now requiring 4 more post placement reports. Your home study provider will visit your home at the 1-month, 6-month and 12-month anniversary of your child’s adoption, which is Nightlight’s current practice. However, additional reports are also due at the 2-year, 3-year, and 4-year anniversary of your child’s adoption, for a total of 6 post-placement reports. You will need to provide 8 pictures of your child for each report.

The first report will focus on you and your child’s adjustment and bonding.  The 2- 3- and 4-year anniversary reports should include a medical report from your child’s  pediatrician, an evaluation provided by a teacher if your child is school age, and a short essay by a child 10 years or older.  If you  are adopting a child with special needs (which nearly all will be), for the 12-month post-placement, you will be provided a chart  called the "Feedback on the Special Needs Child" to complete indicating your child’s progress and rehabilitation plan.

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  1. Someone asked: What if your lID is 9/1/2011 and homestudy provider is non hague, can we use her to do the new post adoption requirements?

  2. My understanding is that you need to use a Hague-approved homestudy agency to conduct your post-placement reports. Of course this can create a hardship for families who live a long distance from a Hague-accredited homestudy agency; or it could be impossible for families that live in states that have no such agencies.

    1. - What a lovely story and tsneamett to God's goodness! We are in the process of adopting a boy from Ukraine and we had a GIANT yard sale this past Saturday to help raise funds for our adoption. We had 30+ families donate their items to us and it was a bit overwhelming at times. When the final tally was done, the Lord had provided $2500 for us to help with our adoption costs. We weren't busy but maybe two hours out of the 8hrs we were open and I honestly started to doubt if we had been wrong about doing the sale. No matter what happens this weekend, stand on His promises, believe what is true, do not be dismayed, do not doubt His provision and above all else, praise Him and make His name known. I actually didn't enjoy myself until I stopped worrying about money and started investing in the people who were there to support us. We will continue to follow your story and we will rejoice with the heavens when your sweet babies come home. He WILL provide. He WILL move mighty mountains. He is good and He does good. The Sadler's

  3. I just received this information:

    Although post-placement reports must be completed by a Hague accredited adoption agency, families can continue to work with the same agency that completed the home study during the dossier process. However, it must be the same agency that completed the home study that was submitted with the dossier to China.

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