October 21, 2010

Making It Easy to Celebrate Orphan Sunday, November 7th

We at Nightlight are here to help you celebrate Orphan Sunday. If you live in CA, CO, or SC, one of our staff may be available to attend your church and assist you in having an orphan-related event. If you are in another state, one of our adoption advocates may be able to help you celebrate.

What Can We All Do Beyond Orphan Sunday?

OrphanSunday.org has many ideas and resources for making your congregation aware of orphan care and adoption. You do not have to “reinvent the wheel.”

Here are some other ideas and resources available here in SC.

  • Have your church help support Tender Hearts Baby Home in Uganda. When you support this home, you are helping orphans with the basic necessities. Contact lisa@nightlight.org
  • Have a youth retreat that focuses on orphan care and adoption using youth pastor developed curriculum called “Who’s Your Daddy.” Contact Laura@nightlight.org
  • Have your youth pastor present “Adopt the Option,” a professional presentation that helps youth explore their feelings about facing an unplanned pregnancy and the choices that are available.  Contact Laura@nightlight.org
  • Have a Sunday School class discuss orphan care. Hope for Orphans at HopeforOrphans.com has Sunday School materials available for school-age children and adults.

Learn more at www.showhope.org/orphansunday

  • Show Hope and Steven Curtis Chapman teamed up with VeggieTales on the new video It’s a Meaningful Life, This latest installment of VeggieTales includes an adoption story featuring Stevie Joy Chapman, SCC’s daughter! Learn more at www.showhope.org/veggie
  • The Bair Foundation,   Keonate Jenkins-Davis at  kjenkins-davis@bair.org and Miracle Hill Ministries , Sharon Betts at sbetts@miraclehill.org provide training , homestudy services, and opportunities to become foster parents.
  • Attend an adoption informational meeting in SC or CA: Visit https://nightlight.org/adoption-seminars-events/default.aspx or Contact Laura@nightlight.org

Contact us to learn how to obtain resources. We are here to help.

Laura Beauvais-Godwin, SC Coordinator for Orphan Sunday


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