September 27, 2010

Post-Adoption Discussion Group: meeting tonight in Taylors, SC

Domestic Adoption: Post-Adoption Discussion Group

September 27, 2010
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

The Vine Community Group
4373 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Taylors, SC 29687

This group is open to adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth parents

Those who adopt domestically usually feel that for the most part the family is happy and well-adjusted. Regardless if you have been adjusting well or having issues, you can find it useful to talk about of the special issues related to being in an adoptive family.

Here are just some the issues/questions that we will address in the meetings:

  • Openness in adoption in a technological world—Will Facebook change the way my child relates to the birthparents?
  • I have a biological child and an adopted child; how will my children feel about coming into our family through birth and adoption?
  • How can I answer my child, when he asks, "Why didn’t my birthmother keep me?"
  • How can an adoptee find her birthparents?
  • What are some issues we will face when my child goes to school?
  • Our children do not look us, and people sometimes make some interesting remarks. How do I handle these comments?
  • I feel that my other family members treat my kids differently. What can I do?
  • How do I tell my children about the circumstances of his placement?
  • My child feels rejected by his birth mom; how can I help him?
  • My daughter is going to have a baby, and I have never given birth, how do I face this situation?
  • My child wants to seek her birthmother, how should I respond?
  • I was adopted, how will I feel when I have children by birth?
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