September 21, 2010

"Like Dandelion Dust": A Film of Pain and Courage

(This post is by Ron Stoddart, Executive Director of Nightlight Christian Adoptions.)
like_dandelion_dustI had an opportunity to preview a new movie about adoption. “Like Dandelion Dust,” with Mira Sorvino, is a movie best described with two words – pain and courage. Although the premise of the movie may cause unnecessary concern for adopting parents as it is based on a very unusual set of circumstances, it nevertheless portrays the pain, courage and love involved in every adoption in a balanced and powerful way. For those who cannot understand how a biological parent could ever place a child for adoption, the emotions and decision-making is explored with realism and compassion. For those who cannot understand how parents could ever love an adopted child as much as a biological child, there is no room left to wonder. I suppose it says a lot when a movie is over and you find yourself able to empathize or identify with each of the main characters. A very good movie – but take a box of tissues with you.

Like Dandelion Dust” begins a nationwide release on September 24, 2010.

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  1. I agree with the review above. It's amazing how easily one can identify with characters on each side of the issue presented in the movie. After watching the film I am sure people will have something to talk about on the ride home. Good movie.

  2. hi jade, I haven't visited your blogs lealty. been busy doing offline work. and i when i do get to visit, things are not so good which makes me all the more guilty for not being visiting more often. hang in there and don't lose hope ok. i'll pray that you get your wish soon enough. keep in touch. i'll visit more. i promise. cherry s last blog ..

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