November 17, 2009

Tuesday from Uganda

Yesterday I visited Mama Mary's house. Mama Mary is a former Muslim. After accepting Christ, she felt called by the Lord to take care of orphans. She was a school master at the time and found that she could not turn away children who could not afford to pay their school tuition fees. She also began taking orphans into her home. However, the school eventually collapsed because there was not enough money.

At that point she had lost her job and had many orphans staying in her home. Her friends thought she had gone mad. The Lord has continued to provide for her and the children every day. She now has 38 children in her home. Some of these children have been with her their entire lives and are now old enough to help out. For the most part though, Mama Mary who is 52 years old, does all of the work. It is very obvious that she loves the children and that they love her immensely.

The ministry here that I am traveling with is called Equipping with Truth. They are currently paying for the rent at Mama Mary's and also raising funds to provide food to her and the children monthly. I also brought many toys and coloring books for the children thanks to many generous donations. The children played and enjoyed a few moments of just being children.

One child in particular really won my heart. Maraco is a little boy about 10 years old. He is new to Mama Mary's and is HIV positive. Maraco does not speak any English. It was very evident that he needed individual love and attention. He just sat next to me while I put my arm around him and loved on him. He was completely satisfied just to sit there and would have done so for hours. When it was time to leave, it was very hard. He begged me with his eyes not to go. We returned shortly to drop off some items, and he came out to the vehicle to see me. I opened the car door and he leaned in for more hugs and just stayed by my side again until it was time to leave. When we had first arrived, he was very nervous and did not smile in any of the photos. By the time we left, he was smiling and laughing with us. It was hard to go.

This morning I met with an attorney regarding the adoption process here in Uganda and visited Sanyu Babies Home. I will tell more about that later and also post some photos as soon as I have the ability. I am so richly blessed to be a part of this journey and am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to have a small part in bringing some joy to these orphans.

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  1. Brenda (Gillian's Mom) - What a superb idea!!! Great fun for the girls and great way to riased funds! Good going Gillian and Lacey and Lyla and Lucia and Lovelyn!! (and Abby LOL)

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