May 19, 2009

Recent changes around here

As you probably noticed from the banner above, Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency has been acquired by Nightlight Chrisitian Adoptions of Califorinia. Our office is now the South Carolina branch office of Nightlight. We will continue to offer the same services to children and families.

We are slowly dismantlio our website as all the information becomes available at Nightlight's beautiful new site. Our current plan is to keep the blog active, though the address will almost certainly change (but we'll make it easy to find it).

Here the announcement that originally went out about the acquisition:

April 13, 2009

Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency has officially been acquired by California-based Nightlight Christian Adoptions (Nightlight). The local South Carolina office will continue to provide domestic adoption services, South Carolina home study services, all the previous International programs and will expand its international services into new countries as well as begin embryo donation and adoption services. In addition, Nightlight Christian Adoptions is fully Hague Accredited.

"We are pleased to announce that Carolina Hope has become part of the Nightlight Christian Adoptions family," said Executive Director Ronald Stoddart.  "We are excited about the opportunities this consolidation will bring to waiting children and families."

The acquisition allows Nightlight to now offer international adoption programs in Ethiopia, China, and Ukraine, in addition to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Taiwan.

"This is a great advancement for our agency and will allow us to offer more opportunities for hopeful parents wanting to build or expand their families," said Laura Beauvais-Godwin.  "And with the addition of embryo donation and adoption services we now are able to offer every option available for adopting a child."

Embryo donation and adoption is a relatively new practice in the United States. Nightlight, through its Snowflakes program, has realized the birth of 203 babies since 1997 with many more on the way. Nightlight's success in expanding awareness of embryo donation and adoption has resulted in several new providers of these services.

With nearly 500,000 embryos stored in cryo-banks throughout the United States, Nightlight continues to assist interested medical and adoption organizations in expanding the opportunities for donating or adopting embryos. For more information, go to

With this new acquisition, Nightlight now has offices in California, Colorado and South Carolina, with the Colorado office providing only support activities and administering Federal grants.  Detailed information about the agency can be found at In addition, the current website for Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency and the Nightlight website will soon be merged into one new site.

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