January 5, 2009

Outsiders' views of our family . . .

My husband and I have been adopting transracially for 9 years and have almost forgotten that our large multi-racial family is still an anomaly in the United States. On Christmas Day, our local paper ran an interview about who we are and how we are living. I was amazed at the outpouring of support that the article has generated and saddened as I received the negative as well. But out of those negative comments much good has come. Here are a few of the benefits that I am praying over today.

  • It has been so good for me to hear from the people who think it is wrong for us to adopt Black kids, because it reminds me to pray that God will raise up more Black families who are willing to adopt.
  • It is good for me to be accused of adopting simply for the income generated through adoption subsidies, because it is a common fallacy that profit can be made through adoption, and I need to speak truth about it.
  • It is good for me to be accused of neglecting the children in my home, simply due to the number there are, because it reminds me to look into each one’s eyes every day and affirm them that they are precious and not a burden -- that there is not one I would rather not have in my home.
  • It is good for me to be accused of seeking public recognition because I must in all things give Glory and Praise to God who sustains our every breath. What a blessing it was that both the article and slideshow ended with the name of God.
  • It is good for me to have strange men in my house, men of the press, and have nothing to hide. No need to diminish or lessen what we believe. No need to pretend we are living this life for any other reason than obedience.
  • It is good for me to be publically criticized for the obedience of adoption -- for it is a criticism not of me but of God who builds our families to reflect His own perfect plan. In the big picture of my life I would rather take the world's rebuke and God's praise on any day.

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  1. You are an inspriation and clearly in God's will! May He sustain you in times of adversity. God bless you and your precious family!!

    1. We're a family on our SECOND aotdpion from Ethiopia and with 4 bio kids already we could have easily said, We're done but I love God's plan..and seriously..HIS Plan has been the most amazing, wonderful ride of our life The best decision we ever made to trust and GO FOR IT!! God has blessed us indeed guess that's why we're headed back again! congrats, kristi

    2. is invaluable inomtfarion that speaks truth about adoption that I wish everyone could read(and they would have given you the whole hour on the View to share it!) Having done foster care for a child with attachment disorder and then adopting our amazing youngest son at age 7 from Haiti, we have faced many of the challenges (and joys) that you addressed. Through our journey we have come to believe, as you do, that adoption is not always the best alternative and that the systems and philosopies behind both domestic and international adoption need to be addressed at the root of the issue-empowering families to be able to keep their children if at all possible. Our family has been blessed 100 fold by adoption, but our passion and long term focus is to help empower families in Haiti to have the resources to be ultimately be able to keep their children. Kudos to John & Beth of Heartline and Troy & Tara for doing exactly that through your ministries.

  2. This is one of the best responses to criticism I have ever seen. The Holy Spirit is so evident in your life. I am convicted by your example.

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