March 7, 2008

Gifts to Each Other: new children's book about adoption

GiftstoEachOtherToday I'm writing to recommend to you a recent children's book about adoption by Andrea Stephens, Gifts To Each Other. Assistant Director, Lisa Prather, says that the book is "a very good resource for talking to children about adoption."

The book is available from the publisher and from Amazon.

Here's what the author had to say about her book in an email to Carolina Hope:

I recently self-published a children's book about our family's adoption experience. It is called Gifts To Each Other and is geared for young children approx. ages 2-8, with beautiful watercolor pictures and a very tender message. The story is not so much about how the adoption took place as it is about a little child coming into a family that already had 3 children - and the changes that took place in the family as a result. It honors both the adopted child and the child's new siblings. The concept of adoption is introduced, making it appropriate and enjoyable for both traditional and adoptive families. And adults and children alike will love the way the story and pictures come full circle to complete the message.

I believe this book would be enjoyed by the families you represent who are adopting children.

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