February 15, 2008

Loving the quiet moments: Transracial adoption isn't all turmoil.

Bode-quietmomentsSometimes I forget when I am talking with people about transracial adoption (or parenting in general) to share the happy quiet moments as well as the hard ones. When I stop and watch, I see that my family has them every day. Sandwiched in between the training and the conflicts, the school work and the chores, there are pools of quiet peace that help us re-center even in the midst of our hardest, big issue days. It makes me so thankful when I see the child who has been creating chaos for hours snuggle in beside a big brother as he reads them a book. It assures me, that even though we have many things to deal with in our family, there is an underlying peace that we are able to engage in together. For us it comes when we are not too busy, when our home is in semi-order and when our hearts are turned away from ourselves and back towards Christ. He is our oasis as well as our strong leader.

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  1. I'm the middle blelut point too. And God showed me a few months ago that I was using my husband's no-thanks-on-the-whole-adoption-thing stance as a pitiful excuse. Was I praying hard every day that he would change his mind? NO. Did I reeeeeally want to give up my comfort? NO. Was I comforting myself by saying I'd love to adopt, but my husband ? YES.So, I started praying hard. For about a week. Thank you for the nudge to get back in the saddle.Freaking excited for your family.

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