September 4, 2007

Book Recommendation: Adopted by God

From time to time we will recommend a book that we think will help Christians grow in their understanding of uppercase Adoption (i.e. God's adoption of us). Adopted by God: From Wayward Sinners to Cherished Children by Robert A. Peterson is such a book. Here's what others have said about it:

AdoptedByGod"A splendid book on a subject of great importance. With rare skill Robert Peterson marries clear biblical teaching with deep pastoral concern in a style that is both simple and engaging. Its pages are punctuated by the personal testimonies of lives radically transformed by the discovery that they have been adopted into God's family" —Sinclair Ferguson

"Here you have a magnificent Bible theme, a meticulous study criss-crossing the territory thoroughly, and everything earthed in real life. And it's good." —J.I. Packer

"With a scholar's mind and a father's heart Robert Peterson provides a wonderfully pastoral explanation of the love, assurance, and power in the Bible's teaching that God makes wayward sinners his own cherished children forever. Tender words about a magnificent truth." —Bryan Chapell

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