United Kingdom Adoption Program

The United Kingdom is a Hague Convention Country. Adoptive placements from the UK are limited to the adoption of first or second level biological relatives. We have worked with the local adoption authorities and UK Central Authority to help place children with aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins over the past few years. There are no other adoptive placements that are currently allowed under UK law. The children are typically in the UK Foster care system with the intent to place them permanently with their biological relatives in the US. Nightlight estimates the UK adoption process will take between 12 and 24 months from application to completion, depending on issues related to the family situation. The adoption process is typically initiated by the family or foster care program in the UK.

  • Boys and girls
  • Babies through children under 16 years of age.
  • Sibling groups
  • The child or children must be a biological relative, available for adoption, meeting the ‘orphan’ definition
  • Married couples and single individuals
  • Applicants must be at least 25 years of age
  • At least 18 years age difference between prospective adoptive parents and the adopted child.
  • Biological relative of the intended adoptee.
  1. Complete our online application
  2. Begin your Home Study
  3. After your Home Study is complete, submit an I-800A form to USCIS.
  4. Once the I-800A receives provisional approval, Nightlight will work with the Council to arrange for the 10 week bonding period.
  5. Nightlight will work together with the UK Council to gather the necessary documents for the I-800.
  6. The UK Council will provide the Child medical, social and psychological reports which will be reviewed by Nightlight Clinical staff with the adoptive family.
  7. We will instruct you in filing the I-800 with Immigration and you will receive a provisional approval to adopt your child.
  8. After the approval from Immigration, the parents and child will return to the UK to complete the adoption. Typically this trip is from 1-3 weeks, and includes the finalization of the adoption in the UK court, filing of the adoption paperwork and obtaining the US Immigrant VISA to return to the US.
  9. The UK Council will assist you with the embassy appointment.
  10. Once you arrive home, you will notify Nightlight.
  • Typically, there is an initial visit to the UK to verify the family commitment to the adoption. Either the pre-adoptive family or the child social worker will transport the child to the US for the 10 week bonding period. Some portion of this time may be required to be completed in the UK.
  • The Final trip is for the court hearing to complete the adoption. Only one parent needs to come although it is recommended that the entire family participate. You will file your child’s adoption paperwork at the U.S. Embassy and obtain the child’s U.S. Immigrant visa. Upon arriving back in the U.S. your child will automatically be a U.S. citizen. A few weeks after arriving home, your child will receive a Certificate of Citizenship.
Nightlight Christian Adoptions is committed to preparing families for the adoption of a child with special needs. We provide pre- and post-adoption education and information regarding medical resources.

The Council/UK Central Authority does not have any post adoption reporting requirements. They do require post placement visits during the 10 week bonding period. The number of visits and who will provide them will be determined by the Council. Often, the visits and reports are completed by both the UK Social Worker as well as the US home study provider, during the 10-week period.

For further information please contact Robyn at Rhonda@nightlight.org  or call at (502) 423-5780.

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To learn more about adopting from the United Kingdom, you may contact us, call our office at (502) 423-5780, or email inquiries to Rhonda, at rhonda@nightlight.org

United Kingdom Adoption Program Details
  • The child must be a biological relative and be an orphan.
  • Parents age must be at least 18 years older than the child they are adopting.
  • Applicants must be at least 25 years old
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