Embryo Donation: It's Worth It

Our firstborn was conceived naturally. But when it came time to try for our second child, initial challenges turned to outright frustration. It became apparent that something was wrong.

After medical tests did not reveal any causes for concern, we tried natural planning methods and fertility treatments, all to no avail. By the time we first considered in vitro fertilization, we were already extremely burnt out, but little did we know that the stress was just beginning.

Despite the ongoing physical strain on my wife and the emotional toll on all of us, she managed to take on her new role as the human pin cushion and (with great restraint) we both managed not to kill our socially-inept fertility doctor.

Thankfully, we did have our pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow, our beautiful daughter. We were now a happy family of four and that is what we shall remain.

However, we did have several remaining embryos. Discarding them did not feel right. We wanted to give them a chance to be born and live happy and productive lives. With the help of the Snowflakes program, we identified two families to adopt these embryos, and both have been successful in achieving pregnancies!

There was a fair amount of work in going through the legal channels and FDA requirements of donating, but it was well worth it. There is a tremendous sense of fulfillment in knowing that we have helped bring more lives to fruition and joy to two deserving families.

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