We are blessed to be a family

Reflecting back to when our journey began, it is unbelievable how blessed we are to be a family.  After our first year of marriage and buying our first home, the next step would typically be having a baby. For some, growing your family comes easy but for others like us; it took lots of work, lots of faith and many emotions.

We are in this together, I always tell my husband, and nobody fights a battle alone. Our family and friends have been extremely supportive during our journey of infertility. Positivity and strong faith have helped us through our journey. The power of prayer is pretty amazing. After settling into our new home in October 2017, our focus could now be on growing our family. We had received our doctor’s information from my cousin awhile back and just tucked it away if we ever needed it in the future. In February 2018, we needed that number.

We scheduled a consultation the beginning of February. At our appointment, the new doctor provided us with information on Nightlight/Snowflakes Embryo Adoption. Later that month, we attended an Infertility Conference in our hometown and had the opportunity to speak to a Nightlight team member. This process restored hope that one day we would have children to call our own and start growing our family. From that moment, we knew God had guided us to this opportunity to bring our children into the world and experience the joys of pregnancy, parenthood and all the other wonderful moments. The joy of a child coming into the world is the biggest blessing and miracle anyone could ever experience.

Fast forward to November 2018, we got the phone call we had prayed for WE MATCHED! In March 2019, we scheduled our first transfer and it was a success! We prayed every morning and each night before bed for a safe and healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Many emotions hit especially since my father had just entered hospice. My dad held on until December 2019, just two weeks before our sweet girl was born. Even though they never met on earth, they share the most special bond. Her cardinal bird visits to know he his always near.

Our sweet Anna was born December 2019 and she is the biggest blessing in the world! Anna will be three in December and we cannot imagine life without our sweet Snowflakes baby. Every night we say our prayers and thank God for the greatest gift.

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