Snowflakes Helped Us; Even Pre-Matched

     Unexplained infertility kept us from our dream for years. We had reached a point in our journey that we knew adoption was going to be how we built our family.

     In 2019, we had plans to go on a group trip to Israel. The truth was I (Kate) didn’t want to go on our trip, I wanted to use those funds to go towards adoption. I had been praying for an open door for adoption or for God to open my womb. His answer came when we were on that very trip. 

     A couple of days into the tour, one of the ladies in our group told me about a family she was helping who had 5 frozen embryos They were trying to find a Christian home for them. I told Drew about them and after we returned home, we thought and prayed about it. A month after our return, we decided we wanted to adopt them but had no idea where to begin the process. After running into a few dead ends, I remembered a Snowflake’s Facebook ad a friend had sent me years ago. I called them to see if they would be able to help us with a pre-matched adoption. Once our placing family agreed, we began the process as Snowflake’s first pre-matched case.

     Initially, we didn’t think we needed anything more than someone who knew the ins and outs of embryo adoption, but we gained so much more by going through Snowflakes. Their adoption model of having a “home study” complete with education, was invaluable to us. We learned the importance of telling our children their story and having those communication lines always open about their adoption with us. We were far better prepared to be adoptive parents having had gone through Snowflakes. 

     In late 2020, our precious boy/girl twins were born. God had said yes to my prayers for an open door and an open womb. 

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