Ron & Ruthie's Story

It has been the most amazing experience I have ever had, and Nightlight was so instrumental in preparing us for what would soon be one of our greatest gifts ever…our little Rylie. We received a call from our social worker telling us a birth mom was in labor and wanted to give her child up for adoption. Three days later we were taking home the most beautiful child ever!

Nightlight was there for us throughout every stage of our adoption journey. They were compassionate during the difficult periods of waiting and wondering when we would be picked as adoptive parents. After we adopted our precious baby girl, they continued to provide support to ensure the adoptive process was a complete success.

The day we saw Rylie being born, I felt like I had given birth to her myself, and was so immediately in love with her! I have a biological child, and always wondered if the love for an adopted child would be the same…I am here to tell you there is no difference!

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