Only One Was Meant For Us

My husband and I decided to embark on our IVF journey in 2014. Our hope, our dream, was to have a child. Naturally, this was what our entire focus was; with very little thought and prayer of what would come after our dream had come true. In which it did! In July of 2015, we gave birth to our miracle baby girl. On our very first transfer. She was perfection!

During the course of our fertility treatment, we had conceived eight beautiful embryos. However, Viv was our only transfer. My pregnancy was very difficult—nothing about getting pregnant and being pregnant was easy. After she was born, it was recommended that we do not pursue another transfer with our remaining embryos. And as hard as that was to process, we knew our daughter was a miracle; we knew we were blessed. Our family was complete.

But now what? We had seven frozen embryos. This is the part that we did not foresee. There were embryos, seven little beautiful pieces of us, frozen. Waiting for their chance at life. But we couldn’t give them that chance.

We started looking into our next steps. We knew we did not want to just discard the embryos nor donate them to science. We discussed the donation process with the hospital in which we did our infertility treatments, but it didn’t feel right. Then we found Nightlight Christian Adoptions and the Snowflakes program. But we knew very little about embryo adoption. I read, researched, and finally called the agency. They were absolutely amazing! I knew after talking to them the first time this was where we needed to donate our embryos.

The process was so simple: No pressure, informative, and honest. Caring and warm. When we first started the donation, we initially wanted a closed placement, but eventually came to the conclusion that open would be the best choice for our family.

We were finally placed into matching and received our first adoptive family profile. The connection with them was instant! We knew right away they were the couple God choose to be parents to our embryos.

Once the match was made, we drew up a contract with them with the help of Nightlight. It was so wonderful and we fell in love with them. We were updated the entire way of the remainder of their journey: Their transfer, their pregnancy, and the birth of their son! We exchanged pictures. One them, of him. Of us and Vivienne! We will cherish this relationship for the rest of our life.

We are forever grateful to Nightlight for helping us throughout this journey. For connecting us with our beautiful adoptive family. Our embryos were conceived out of love between my husband and me, but only one was meant for us. The others were conceived for the adoptive family. God knew from the start that they were meant to be brought into this world by their true mommy and raised by their true parents.

We will never regret our decision. It is a beautiful journey to be a part of; a beautiful thing to witness and watch.

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