Number One Daughter!

Our Snowflakes baby, Phoebe, has been a joy since Day 1.

Now, at 4 1/2 years old, she shows us daily why this precious form of adoption is so essential. Over the past several years, we've developed a strong relationship with our daughter's placing family. Remarkably, God created a path that placed us within a 90-minute drive of each other. We've attended a musical starring our daughter's genetic siblings, shared meals at our respective homes and shared photos and updates.

Phoebe now mentions her placing family on a regular basis and looks forward to any opportunity to spend time together. What's more, her placing family gifted her with boxes and boxes of Barbie toys, houses and vehicles their daughters cherished for years. In this way, our daughter maintains a close connection with her placing family that we believe will be a rich blessing to all of us for life.

Phoebe loves to spend time outdoors, collect eggs from our chickens, get scared by her three big brothers and cuddle with Mommy after a busy day of homeschool and play. Our little copper-haired cutie charms everyone she meets and reveals the gift of embryo adoption to those who've never heard of it. But don't let her hear me say that. Phoebe will make sure to tell you she's a Big Girl - and she's going places, whether you decide to join in or not!

A Poem Of Adoption Thankfulness

A little red-headed girl races into the room,

Fleeing the scene of the dance class.

Her arms thrown wide, the dancer’s pose, she frames her pink ballet tutu,

Shouts freely and loudly for all to hear,

“I have to tell you something, Daddy!”

A close embrace, pulled gently along, a father’s ear, a daughter’s secret words,

“I love you, Daddy.”

I release her from the hug and repeat the words back to her,

Hands on arms for just a moment.

Then she turns and lo, the nimble flight back to dance class,

In a whir of tulle and tights.

So it goes with adoption.

We invite the light,

Embrace the light,

And then it flies away,

To set the world ablaze in love.

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