Nathan & Amanda's Story

Our adoption journey has been amazing. We have had the opportunity to watch God provide abundantly in all things. For us, adoption started long ago…. I (Amanda) have had a desire to adopt since I was a child. This desire was intensified by time spent with orphans in Romania and through studying institutionalized children in college and graduate school. Nathan didn’t necessarily feel drawn to adoption from a young age. He comes from a family of six biological siblings and hadn’t really considered adoption until our courtship when I spoke of my passion for adoption. Nathan has been fueled mostly by conviction that adoption is something that pleases God and is a way to carry out His command to care for orphans.

We entered adoption seeking a child under the age of our biological daughter (now two). When we received our referral for Anara, my husband was immediately convinced that this child was a Hubartt.

When we started the process, we weren’t sure where the finances would come from. We are a single-income family and didn’t have the money up front. We knew that adoption was expensive, but we felt strongly that it was worth pursuing and knew that God would provide the finances. God has provided abundantly through numerous people. He has used our family, our friends and even people we have never met.

As of this writing, we have been home for eight days. Anara is doing well, Violet is adjusting, we are finally over jet-lag, and soon we will be settling into a routine and a new “normal”. This adoption experience has taught us God’s faithfulness to provide for His children. He has taught us that He is sovereign and we can see that He was in the big things and the small things. We understand that

He accepts us into His family as orphans and we pray that our experience might help other families accept orphans into their families. We hope to have more biological children, and we would also like to adopt again. Thank you, Nightlight, for everything that you have done to bring Anara home. Thank you (reader) for having a heart for adoption and making our adoption possible.

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